Life Tip #24: when you’re tired, stressed or hungry, it’s easy to take yourself too seriously.

Today, I had a really tough workout with my personal trainer and my body intimated it might want something more substantial than the quinoa salad I had planned.  Hubby, who’d had his own tough workout, was pretty exuberant about the idea too.  We rushed out the door, eager for some good grub, when my daughter mentioned she had to pee.  Luckily, we hadn’t gotten far, so we turned around and took her home to use the bathroom.

She told me she “couldn’t push it out.”  Big sighs by Mom, who is now really freaking hungry.

You see where this is going right?  It’s not until we’re back in the car, hurtling down the highway with the next exit a couple miles away, when my daughter reveals she can push it out–right into her car seat.

This nearly ruined the night.  My daughter was in hysterics we were no longer going out to eat, I was about to gnaw my iPhone, and my husband was distinctly displeased about the clean-up effort that awaited him.  Plus, there was no food in the house except quinoa.

Everyone was pretty serious as we pulled into the driveway, but I know that’s not the way I want to end my week.  Maybe you could benefit from a little levity too, something to help you find the “golden lining” as it’s now called in our house (no one went to bed mad or hungry as it turns out).  Here are some great links to tickle your funny bone.  Just make sure you go potty first.

Comedian Louis C.K. on Conan O’Brien – with a hat tip to GiveMore:  Are you focused on the negative? Do you fail to walk around dumbfounded by how amazing life is?  Then you need to watch this hilarious advice on finding the golden lining (he doesn’t call it that–but should).

More Ways To Laugh

Ever wonder if the guy who called you a dork was using the term correctly?  Check out this awesome Venn Diagram to discover if you are actually a Dweeb, Geek, or Nerd instead.  (I’m a geek, thank you very much.)

As far as I’m concerned, few things are as funny as Romance novels.  So if you’re in a pinch and really need something to lighten “the mood,” say at the next staff meeting, take a page from The Romance Writers’ Phrase Book on display at Awful Library Books.  Just don’t invite HR to the meeting.

Maybe you’ve seen this already, but if not, it’s not to be missed:  If historical events had Facebook statuses.  I saved this one for last because it is possible to take this too seriously.  Hopefully by now, you’re so loosened up, you’ll be snorting tea out your nose before you get past Ben Franklin.