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Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been acting a little strangely.

In between book proposal writing, parenting, private coaching, and getting ready to move back to the States, I’ve been working on a secret project. And now, after months of interviews, field tests, and rewrites, I’m finally ready to tell you about it.

Even better?

I’m going to give away two free prizes, worth over $300, to two lucky commenters. Read on to see what it’s all about…

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Do you really need another missive about new year’s resolutions?  Do you really think another 10-point bullet list is going to overcome years of comfortable habits?

Of course not.  Neither do I.

I never understood why we cram all our celebrations into the end of the year, when frankly I’m usually a wee bit exhausted, and then turn deadly serious at the start of the new year.  Can we lighten up a little?

Let’s celebrate, you and I.  I have the perfect excuse, if you haven’t noticed.  I promise, those resolutions will wait.

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Friends, if it hasn’t been obvious, I’ve been struggling.

You may recall my first post on career design: why three jobs are better than one.  I meant every word I said when I wrote that post. But I have a problem: one of these jobs makes me much happier than the others.

It’s blogging.  I can hardly fall asleep at night because I’m so excited about the opportunities that are opening up for me right now.  I have lists on multiple scraps of paper of topics I want to write about.  My temp link folder in my favorites got so long, I had to create another folder.  And then I get such lovely fan mail, it kick-starts the insomnia cycle all over again.