Annabel Candy


I recently met Annabel Candy, author of the Get In the Hot Spot blog, over at the Brazen Careerist forums.  Annabel recently mentioned she tries to do something that scares her every day and I wanted to find out if it was really true and how she does it. 

JG: How did you come to start this practice? 

AC: I’m not sure! I slipped into it somehow, I think because what scares me most in life is dying without doing everything I want to do. So to avoid that I push myself to out of my comfort zone daily even if it’s a small thing. If life’s too safe we get bored and become boring. If we haven’t taken a risk for a while it becomes harder so it’s good to keep in practice. 

JG: Do you really do something scary every day? 

AC: I try to. It’s easy to get out of your comfort zone. Here are a few of the regular things I do that scare me. 

  1. Go surfing  – I usually end up with bruises and there’s the irrational fear of sharks.
  2. Talk to someone new – I’m shy.
  3. Make a cold call to build up business for my web design company – I’m great at web design but not so good at sales.
  4. Write personal stuff on my blog – I’m scared people will judge me.
  5. Attend a business networking group where I have to talk to a group of people – I’m not confident about public speaking.
  6. Send an article to the editor of a big blog or newspaper and see if they’ll publish it – we all fear rejection but it’s par for the course when you’re a writer.
  7. Power walk down the beach – people must think I look so silly pumping my arms like that.
  8. Go to a dance class – I just started this term. I haven’t studied dance for about 33 years and I’m at least 10 years older than the other girls.

JG: What’s the best result that come out of doing this? 

AC: Good question! I’ve taken a lot of risks in life. Big ones like moving to Zimbabwe, Laos or Panama even though I didn’t know anyone or speak the langauge. But we can’t take big risks like that everyday and it’s good to keep taking small risks so we don’t get too scared to do anything. I’ve certainly had failures but I’m just glad I tried. The biggest failure for me would be to wish I’d had a go at something I never dared to try. 

The best result I’ve had from doing something scary would giving birth to my second baby naturally at home even though I nearly died after my first son was delivered by a caesarian section. My first son was big (10lb 12oz) but my second son was even bigger (11lbs) so it was quite a result. The feeling of trying something you were scared of and succeeding is unbeatable. 

JG: Does it get easier to do something scary with repetition?  How do you prime yourself to do it? 

AC: Yes, it does get easier. It still scares me but I do it anyway. I think my confidence is growing daily because I refuse to be ruled by fear and insecurity. I recomend it to anyone. After all, what have you got to lose? 

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