Ingrid isn’t feeling good.  It’s her second day in a row with a fever.  There’s nothing quite as draining as a sick child.  Even still, we had a lot to smile about.

It’s always a struggle to rearrange your schedule when you aren’t expecting it.  Most days I’m happy enough to have an excuse to bow out of meetings, because I think the majority of them waste more time than they save. 

But today I had a video teleconference (VTC) I really needed to attend.  I didn’t necessarily need to participate directly, but it was important I heard what the different attendees had to say and be able to read their body language. 

So I took Ingrid with me.  She sat in a chair outside the camera’s view, reading books, eating snacks, and climbing in and out of her chair repeatedly. 

Only once did she break her whisper voice, when the stuffed lamb she had perched on top of her head fell off. 

Overall, everyone was impressed with her self-control (which made me a proud mama), but they also couldn’t stop smiling over her hat.  In fact, everywhere we go, people stop us to say how much they adore this accessory.  It sort of feels like we’re part of a clandestine feel good campaign. 

And it’s working.

Obviously this photo isn’t her best.  You can tell she’s under the weather and had a long day.  But I bet it makes you smile anyway.  And today, that’s the best both of us can do.