Forget Resolutions–Let’s Party!

by Jan 3, 2011Website Updates43 comments

Do you really need another missive about new year’s resolutions?  Do you really think another 10-point bullet list is going to overcome years of comfortable habits?

Of course not.  Neither do I.

I never understood why we cram all our celebrations into the end of the year, when frankly I’m usually a wee bit exhausted, and then turn deadly serious at the start of the new year.  Can we lighten up a little?

Let’s celebrate, you and I.  I have the perfect excuse, if you haven’t noticed.  I promise, those resolutions will wait.

Unveiling a fresh look for 2011

When I first started blogging, I took my cue from many of the minimalist bloggers who preferred lots of clean, white space and very little in the way of imagery.  While I truly appreciate an uncluttered look, I didn’t feel it captured my (somewhat exuberant) personality.

This new design, put together by Lindsey Donner at Well Versed Creative, expresses the joy I feel about blogging while still conveying a professional image.  I told Lindsey the design should make someone happy just looking at it, without competing with the words themselves (I am a writer after all).  I think this does that and more.

So let me show you around the place.  There’s a lot more here than just a pretty face.

The newsletter

Just what does a subscription to the Everyday Bright newsletter include?

  • Blog posts whenever they go live (essentially an email subscription to the blog)
  • Monthly give aways, from books to consulting sessions to whatever else I can procure on your behalf
  • Occasional, fun surveys–a chance to share your thoughts and basically tell me what to do
  • By request! GI JEN’S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY COURAGE (video) + the 8 week email challenge series

You may remember I asked readers in this post what product they’d most like to have, and while there was pretty broad interest across the options, the “guide to everyday courage” was the hands down winner.  The problem? I’d never produced a video before.  I was more than a little worried I wouldn’t be able to relax in front of the camera.

Indeed, making the video was an act of everyday courage in itself.

But I couldn’t be happier with the results.  It’s not flashy, but it captures my strategy for developing the confidence that will propel you towards previously unimagined success.  Completing the series of challenges is virtually guaranteed to take your game up a notch, no matter what field you work in or where you are on the corporate totem pole.

And if you’ve ever wondered what I look like beyond a static picture, here’s your look!

Note that current email subscribers need to do nothing.  The video and email series will be sent automatically.  If you want your own copy, the only way to get it is to subscribe.  I’m not offering it anywhere else.

The giveaways

Let’s face it: did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?  I thought not.  Here’s what I’m giving away in celebration of the new site:

  • Two copies of Barrie Davenport’s Discover Your Passion course (each a $49 value) to jump start your career design journey
  • $100 off web/logo/graphic design services from Well Versed Creative for a mojo makeover
  • $75 Amazon gift certificate for whatever you darn well want!

I’ll randomly select the lucky winners from the list of newsletter subscribers as of midnight (US Central time) on January 9, 2011. If you were an email subscriber prior to the newsletter creation, you’re already entered to win.

If you weren’t already a subscriber, or were using that handy RSS, I promise you this newsletter is worth letting into your inbox.  Between the video, the email challenge series, the give aways, not to mention the chance to be part of this great community–what are you waiting for–click here!


If you read the About page, you knew I wrote poetry.  That’s about all I’ve ever said about it here.  I’ve kept my blogging and poetry writing selves separate…until now.

Poetry is interesting.  It wasn’t that long ago that children memorized poems, pieces they embraced so strongly they remembered them well into adulthood.  Many will blame the rise of modern distractions for this loss, but as Kim Rosen points out in The Sun Magazine, the most popular TV show in the Middle East is Million’s Poet, an American Idol type show where contestants recite poems.

What every culture seems to agree on is that poetry is the language we use when we want to say something significant.  We read poems at births, weddings, retirements, and burials.  It is the medicine that soothes us after break-ups, wars, and other disasters.  It seemed right to include poetry, at least on its own page, on Everyday Bright as well.

Now you can read sample poems and order signed copies of my books.  At some point, I’ll probably include a post or two discussing my journey to find a publisher for my second collection, Souvenirs from the Afterlife, which explores the intersection between science and religion.  It’s certainly been an interesting lesson in persistence and the value of having a fundamental belief in your own work–something that should be helpful even if you aren’t a writer.

Back to your regularly scheduled resolutions

If I had one wish for you at the start of this new year, it would be to go easy on those resolutions.  After all, it’s not so important what you commit to doing today, but what you’re still committed to doing come next December.

I’ve increasingly come to believe the most important resolution has very little to do with ourselves anyway.  Work to improve the community you’re a part of, and you’ll better yourself in a process.  That’s certainly what I’m committed to–and I hope you’ll be a part of it.

So if you know someone who could use some clarity and courage to pursue a more fulfilling career (and life), I hope you’ll invite them to become a luminary here at Everyday Bright.  Personally, I couldn’t ask for a better gift than that.

Cheers!  Here’s to you and a great, new year.