The first time it happened to me, I started getting sick to my stomach every time I walked through the office door.

There was the bickering and finger pointing when a group project failed to meet its goals.  Or the time co-workers waged a debate over email, copying everyone in the office in hopes of getting people to choose sides.

And let’s not forget the gossip, the endless gossip, which bruises egos and feeds the cycle to start once again.

In the best organizations, truly dramatic events are few and far between. But repeated low-level drama is damaging in its own right and recovering from it, whether you’re the supposed victim, persecutor, or rescuer, isn’t always easy.  The after-effects linger and performance suffers.  Trust takes a beating across the board, even between members who weren’t involved.

And if you’re in a truly toxic environment?  You’re probably crying yourself to sleep, wondering how to preserve your sanity.  Hey, I’ve been there too.

No matter what your situation, drama in the workplace wears you down.  And it’s time we put an end to it.

Today, I’m sharing an interview with organizational psychologist Dr. Robyn Odegaard, who wrote the book Stop the Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams.  While her specialization is working with female athletes, she has some wonderful advice on how you can reduce the drama at your place of work, no matter what your role in the organization is.

Stop the drama now


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