What Holds You Back Can Propel You Forward: An Interview With Tim Lawrence

by Nov 4, 2015Interviews & Inspiration11 comments

There’s something that’s holding you back, isn’t there?

Maybe your parents weren’t kind or supportive, and you’re still trying to prove you’re worthy of their affection. Maybe you were bullied or abused, and a part of you still believes the taunts. Maybe you made some poor decisions in life and you worry you always will.

You don’t dwell on it much. After all, we all have our hurts and you’re just trying to move on. But the more you try to bury the pain and shame, the heavier the load you have to carry becomes.

Tim Lawrence understands your pain. He’s been experiencing it most of his life.

Tim was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, essentially a massive stroke, at birth and nearly died. As is common for those with the condition, he also suffers from epilepsy. Given up for adoption, he went through years of intensive therapy followed by occasional and massive setbacks.

Tim’s life could have easily been a typical tough luck story–a guy who just never catches a break. Instead, he is living one of the most inspiring and authentic lives I know.

How to turn a life of quiet desperation into something extraordinary

Tim’s been a successful actor and singer in New York. He’s worked in finance and legal firms making big money. He trained at one of the most elite gyms in the world. And most recently, he started over again by committing 6 months to life in a monastery.

Tim has never had it easy. What he’s done is found a way to take the things might inhibit someone else and use it to create an extraordinary life for himself (and others).

This interview is a tad long, but it’s worth every minute. Tim will help you see that whatever your obstacles are, you don’t have to let them hold you back from creating the life you want.

Here are a few of the things we talked about:

  • Why hiding your flaws is the absolute worst thing you can do—and what to do instead
  • Why Tim regrets giving up his thriving career as professional actor/singer to pursue financial stability—and how he escaped the golden handcuffs to build a more exciting career
  • Why some of your ambitions may be due to shame—and what to do about it
  • Why career hopping might make you more professionally desirable
  • How pursuing your dream career can actually save you money
  • How to turn post traumatic stress into post traumatic growth


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In addition to his adventures, Tim is also an amazing writer and speaker. Check him out and follow along with his amazing journey at his blog The Adversity Within.