How to Pay Down Big Debt Without Resorting to Ramen

How to Pay Down Big Debt Without Resorting to Ramen

Editor’s note: Guest post by Joan Otto

If you simplify the advice of most financial advisors, it goes something like this: Pare your budget down to the very essentials. Use the rest of the money to pay off your debt. Then you can do all sorts of things.

It’s pretty good advice, to a point.

Lots of pretty famous people share versions of the same philosophy. You know what it looks like, too. In its extreme, it’s eating ramen and driving a car that’s held together with duct tape, prayers and plenty of dirt. It’s no vacations; it’s not even driving 30 miles to a relative’s house for Christmas so you can save on gas.

Done in moderation, this philosophy is great. But when you’re trying to pay off what I call BIG Debt – like I am – moderation is key, and extremism is unlivable. My husband and I do share a pretty awful car (our only vehicle). We don’t take extravagant vacations, and we try to be reasonable with our travel.

But we’re two years into what looks like a six-year battle to pay off almost $90,000 in credit-card and loan debt. And that means that, yes, I prefer to eat something other than cheap noodles occasionally in that time.

So we compromise. We’re not lobster, but we’re not ramen, either. What we’re not willing to compromise on, though, is our debt-payoff schedule. We have a dollar amount above the minimums that we aim to hit every month. Sometimes, there are hurdles that prevent that, but we definitely try.

But what about when money is tight? (more…)

How to Find Out What You’re Really Worth

How to Find Out What You’re Really Worth

W hen I decided to leave the military and science at the same time, I had no idea how to put a price tag on future work.

A friend offered to put me in touch with a large company who specialized in hiring former military to give me an idea of what I might be worth. Having no better method, I sent the guy my resume and agreed to meet over lunch.

He didn’t waste any time. He told me, “The first thing you have to do is prepare yourself that you won’t make as much money as you did when you worked for the government.”

I think my mouth actually hung open. I’d always been led to believe that contractors made a lot more money than government employees. My heart began to sink.

But he wasn’t done giving me advice. It got worse.

“The second thing you have to realize is that the longer you’ve been away from your government job, the less valuable you are.”

That’s when I got angry. (more…)

Untung Rugi Main Judi DominoQQ Online

Seperti yg kita ketahui bahwa permainan judi dominoqq online di internet serta mempunyai keuntungan kalau dimainkan dengan cara benar, tetapi disisi lain serta merugikan bila trick main-main kamu salah kaprah. Nah terhadap peluang kali ini kami dapat mengulas kabar yg berhubungan bersama untung rugi main-main judi dominoqq di internet terutama utk kamu para penjudi card dominoqq di internet. Butuh di ketahui bahwa untung & rugi diwaktu main dominoqq ini sanggup beralih cocok dgn trick kamu Main-main, menjadi janganlah sepenuhnya artikel ini dijadikan patokan diwaktu kamu main-main dominoqq. Nah agar tak penasaran seperti apa informasinya, mari simak cepat berikut ini :

Kemenangan besar
Bagi sebahagian akbar orang main-main judi dominoqq ini lumayan menguntungkan dari sudut kemenangan yg didapatkan, terbukti sekian tidak sedikit player dapat mendatangkan puluhan juta tiap-tiap harinya cuma bersama duduk tiap-tiap jam di permainan dominoqq. Bekal sedikit untung jutaan telah jadi elemen biasa dari pemain pro yg telah menjadikan dominoqq merupakan upah sehari-hari, seperti halnya diwaktu kamu bekerja per hri dibayar 100.000 sehingga seseorang player dominoqq bisa mendatangkan 100 ribu atau lebih tiap-tiap harinya.

Arena investasi online
Tidak hanya menguntungkan dari nilai kemenangan, nyata-nyatanya permainna judi dominoqq pula sanggup dijadikan arena investasi & tergolong jauh lebih gampang di operasikan. Seandainya sewaktu ini kamu berinvestasi dgn membeli saham diperusahaan tetapi akhirnya lumayan lama ditunggu, tidak serupa bersama dominoqq. Tiap-tiap hri jika kamu dapat membuahkan 1 juta per taruhan sehingga gede mungkin saja bayaran kamu dalam sebulan se besar 30 juta tidak dengan mesti bekerja sulit payah. Bersama catatan kamu mesti dapat menahan diri bila telah mendapati kemenangan 1 juta, ingat bahwa dominoqq pun termasuk juga judi menjadi masihlah ada kesempatan kekalahan dengan cara tiba-tiba.

Melatih insting
Keuntungan berikutnya yg jarang diperkirakan oleh biasanya orang dikala main judi dominoqq merupakan melatih insting mereka buat tetap main denga cita-cita tiap-tiap membawa ketetapan senantiasa Cocok. Factor ini serta terbukti bahwa ada tidak sedikit kesempatan utk membawa ketetapan saat menghadapi suatu masalah, ini jadi sesuatu yg keren utk para penikmat judi online.

Elemen merugikan kala main-main judi Dominoqq

Biaya tak terkontrol
Seperti kepada kebanyakan para player yg baru saja bergabung bersama dominoqq senantiasa mengeluh bersama kelalahan yg mereka temukan tiap-tiap Ketika, setelah itu sasaran penting utk melampiaskan emosi ialah keluarga & orang terdekat. Padahal kalau dipikir lebih dalam, kekalahan disebabkan kamu terlampaui tidak sedikit mengeluarkan budget bersama angan-angan kemenangan Gede. Padahal jikalau kamu ingin berhati-hati & konsentrasi disaat main sehingga kemenangan dapat lebih segera didapatkan. Tidak sedikit sedikitnya biaya bukan jadi masalah, trik main-main kamu yg butuh diperbaiki.

Menciptakan beban mental
Siapa bilang bahwa judi bukan termasuk juga ke dalam factor yg menyebabkan rata rata orang mengalami beban mental. Despresi merupakan salah satu yg menciptakan Beberapa orang putus asa & membawa jalan singkat bersama trik mengakhiri hidup mereka. Jikalau dipikir panjang lebar, kesalahan main dari diri kamu sendiri yg menyebabkan kamu despresi. Main bersama bijak merupakan pilihan penting yg mesti kamu memperhitungkan sebelum main-main dominoqq.

Menjadi rangkuman dari artikel ini Ialah, waktu kamu main-main dominoqq sehingga jadilah seseorang pemain yg paham apa itu judi. Menang kalah yaitu keuntungan & kerugian dari permainan judi dominoqq. Bijak dalam memakai Budget, sehingga kemenangan agung bakal datang kepada diri Kamu. Terima kasih.

Is Your Career Making You Schizophrenic?

Is Your Career Making You Schizophrenic?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Chris Lappin.

Y ou’re going around in circles.

One day thinking one thing, the next changing your mind.

You’re not completely unhappy with your job, but you’re not exactly happy either.

It pays the bills and lets you sleep soundly, but there’s this nagging voice saying you could be doing something much more worthwhile and fulfilling. You secretly yearn to fly solo and follow your dream, but just the thought of trading in a secure pay check for a future with no guarantees makes your stomach tighten and brings a tidal wave of negative questions.

Can you make it work? Have you got the skills? Are you too young? Too old?

What if it doesn’t work? What will other people think? Who are you to think you can do this?

When you’re feeling brave, you listen to your heart. What if it did work? Others have, so why shouldn’t you? This would be the making of you. Who cares what other people think! Of course you can do this.

You smile and feel alive. No more boss. No more achieving someone else’s goals. No more boring, mundane work, day-in and day-out.

But then your head chimes in again. Don’t be stupid! You’d be kissing goodbye security, a steady income, holiday pay, sick pay. And what about all that stress and worry? You could lose everything.

And so it goes back and forth. Like you’re two completely different people, trapped inside the same mind.

While this exhausting argument rages, you stay with your feet firmly entrenched in your uncomfortable comfort zone. (more…)

Making Time to Start a Business Without Leaving Your Job

Making Time to Start a Business Without Leaving Your Job

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ellen Rohr.

A re you hanging on to a job that doesn’t fit?

Maybe it’s good enough for now, and the benefits are hard to resist. Still, if you suspect there is more in store for you, why not start a business? Starting a business could provide the financial freedom you need to quit, or it could be the resume enhancer that helps you get hired elsewhere.

Before you start in with the, “I don’t have the time,” whine, consider… (more…)

The Minimalist MBA: Smart Investments for Your Budding Business

In my first 6 months as a entrepreneur, I spent nearly $36,000 on training.

I was scared to death.

It sounds ridiculous, I know.  If I was so scared, why did I spend so much money?

Because I was scared no one would discover me. Scared I couldn’t sell to those who did.  Scared I couldn’t sustain success once I had it.

I made the mistake of attributing the various problems and set-backs I encountered as an entrepreneur to a lack of knowledge rather than the normal ups-and-downs that are inherent when doing something for the first time.

I’m not gonna lie to you: that mistake turned out to be huge, one that has nearly put me out of business.

But it’s also a fear that I see driving a lot of other new entrepreneurs.

And it’s easy to justify your continued spending when other successful entrepreneurs, usually selling a course of their own, talk up how much they invest in themselves.  They imply you can spend your way to success.

I say: invest in yourself, yes.  But especially in the beginning, you must do it wisely, thoughtfully, and cautiously.

As the saying goes, do as I say, not as I do.

Out of the dozens of courses and mentorships and premier membership circles I’ve enrolled in, there are only two that more than returned their investment. In fact, it was these two courses that led me to gross around $48K this year in my business, and secure another $54K in contract work.

That’s a 40-fold return on investment–in just one year.

In this post, I’d like to show new or on-the-fence small business owners how to get the help you need, without putting yourself in serious debt.

I’m calling it the Minimalist MBA, but it’s even better than that.  Because rather than teaching you everything, it provides just what you need to get started.  If you listen and implement these lessons, you’ll be making good money in no time. (more…)