The Shocking Truth About Why You Suck: You Don’t!

Editor’s note: guest post by Arvind Devalia.

Okay, so feeling like you suck is something you’re not supposed to talk about, right?

You’re supposed to stay positive. You’re supposed to be confident. You’re supposed to sweep your insecurities under the rug, and forget they’re there.

But it’s hard.

You’re working twice as hard as everyone else, and yet it seems like you get half as much done. You’re twice as smart, and yet it seems like your ideas get half the attention. You’re twice as loyal to your company, and yet it seems like your boss doesn’t even know you exist half the time.

No one ever says you suck, no, but you’re starting to wonder if that’s what everyone thinks. And it really, really bothers you. (more…)

The Steve Jobs Guide To Everyday Leadership

Editor’s note: guest post by Bryce Christiansen.

You want to make a difference in the world around you, but you’re not sure how. 

When someone says “leader,” you instantly conjure a corner office, dozens of employees, or an impressive title after their name.  If the only responsibility you hold is to clean out the company fridge every Friday, there’s no way you can call yourself a leader.

Can you? (more…)

Dare To Be Similar

Blame Seth Godin and his darn Purple Cow.

If you really want to insult someone these days, call them ordinary.  Or, mother forgive me, average.

Clearly, the last thing on earth you want to be is … like everyone else.

So people struggle hard to differentiate themselves.  Mothers ache to give their kids a leg up in the world by gifting them with a unique baby name.

If you work in marketing or sales, you go to bed every night refining your unique selling proposition (USP).  The concept is vital if you want customers to pick your toothpaste over Colgate, or your yoga studio versus the one 30 minutes away that also offers Pilates.

But with the explosion of social media and personal branding, these ideas have spilled over into every kind of business, including your personal business.  (more…)

Leader vs Adviser: Who Gets More Praise?

I recently read an article from the Harvard Business Review called “Managing Oneself” by Peter F. Drucker.  I’m not going to summarize the article the for you because there are just too many good points (I am linking to it so you can read it yourself).  Instead I’m going to focus on this one teeny part that took me nearly 5 minutes of scanning to find again.  Apparently when I read it, I didn’t think it was important enough to even mark with my highlighter. (more…)