Does Your Success Feel Meaningful and Fulfilling?

Most people pay too high a price for success.

Being an overachiever (and working with them), I know the burden of ceaseless ambition.

  • Feeling exhausted while simultaneously not feeling like you’ve done nearly enough.
  • Worrying whether you can continue to make the grade
  • Appearing like you have everything yet feeling like you have barely scratched the surface of your potential.
  • Fearing you’re running out of time to realize it

Let’s say you continue down the path you’re on for the next 10, 20 or 30 years. Do you get an overwhelming sense that you’d be wasting precious time? Time you could spend on things that really matter?

Would you look over your life with pride? Or regret… because it wasn’t your true path.

“The impulse is to keep plowing ahead, doing what we’ve done, and rarely stepping back to question whether we’re on the right path. On the big questions of finding meaning, fulfilment, and happiness, we’re deluged with answers—in the form of off-the-shelf advice, tips, strategies from experts and gurus. It shouldn’t be any wonder if those generic solutions don’t quite fit: To get to our answers, we must formulate and work through the questions ourselves. Yet who has the time or patience for it? “

– Berger, Warren. A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas

What if you could find your true path

WITHOUT making a drastic life change?

If you can find 3 hours a week for the next 4 weeks, you’ll put pen to paper to find the following answers:

  • Discover what’s really important to you and how you should apply your talents and ambition in your life
  • Identify false motivators (such as expectations from others). These can easily distract you from your real dream of success
  • Unearth the secret beliefs that hold you back
  • How to approach the big questions in life intelligently and with heart. You’ll learn how to listen to your gut using logic and data instead of jumping to risky life-changes just because you know you need ‘something’ to change.
  • Know what motivates you inside and out to achieve the high levels of success you’re capable of. Knowing this is like having rocket fuel in your back pocket when you get to work on your dreams.

I refer to my definition of success regularly and will do so for the rest of my life.

I was a skeptic going in. This course runs parallel to my own career field – Talent Management and Human Resources. I get personal development. Or at least I thought I did. Jen’s expertise was wrought from military and scientific service and education. Her insights and perspectives threw me quite a few curveballs in how I might have approached these questions.


Human Resources

I am much less stressed about everything!

This course has helped me discover not only how to personally define success in my career, but in LIFE. The most important benefit I have experienced so far is truly understanding what drives me and accepting that. This attitude has helped me open up to people, ask for help, and find opportunities to find the career and life that suits me.


Physical Therapist

How to create wealth, prestige AND satisfaction

Years ago someone decided that success came with a price. That people who had lives filled with the trappings of success had to carry a burden of vague anxiety. And those who were “truly” fulfilled were living a minimalist, meditative life with few or no possessions.

I’ve worked with too many overachievers to know that:

  • This isn’t true
  • This belief only makes people miserable

As for myself, there’s no way I’m going to give up the things I love about success. I want to be recognized, I want to be well-compensated and I want to have good things in my life. But I also want to enjoy my family, nurture my friendships, have time for the great outdoors and do it all without the stress and anxiety that comes from feeling like I’m always dropping a ball somewhere.

It may be true that you can’t “have it all.” But you can have enough of everything you truly desire, and this course will show you how.

Wake up to a life that moves you

Throughout school you were given targets that you not only hit but exceeded. From grades to SATs, to university marks, you always knew how to keep moving along the path in front of you. Unfortunately no one taught you to forge your own path. No one ever explained how to go off course and create your own path in life. To buck the system and discover your own unique passion in life.

When you chase someone else’s idea of success the moments of pride you feel for your accomplishments often subside as quickly as they arrive. Your list of goals starts to feel like a weight around your neck and you’re (barely) keeping your head above water.

When you’re on your own path to success, life becomes energizing instead of draining. The goal posts no longer move as you realize what it means to enjoy the journey rather than just the days you get recognition.

If it seems like you have everything on the outside, but inside you’re feeling doubt and dissatisfaction, it comes down to one thing:

You don’t know what success means to YOU.

What you will learn

When you work through this course, not only will you know what success looks like to you, you’ll have a plan for realizing it in the real world. You’ll discover how to use your success definition to make better decisions and spot opportunities where feeling successful AND fulfilled blend together seamlessly.

What you’ll learn in just 4 weeks:

  • A practical strategy for defining your statement of success, and knowing how to use it
  • How to make better decisions, faster. Say goodbye to the agony of analysis paralysis with a clear picture of what you want
  • No more compare and despair: have greater confidence in the direction you’re heading
  • How to prioritize your steps to success without being influenced by someone else’s dream
  • How to identify better opportunities by communicating to the world exactly what it is you want to do

How it works

Here's exactly what you'll get inside this amazing e-course:
  • Six in-depth exercises that walk you step-by-step through the process of defining success for yourself, including identifying your core values, understanding your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators (and the best balance of each), and uncovering the themes that make you proud of yourself and the life you’re leading. You’ll also create new success metrics, so you stop measuring your worth in unhealthy ways.
  • Comprehensive exercise guidance – over 60 pages – that suggest how to approach the exercises and offer examples from previous clients, along with my analysis and suggestions. See how others framed their responses and applied them to real-world situations.
  • Short coaching videos for each exercise that highlight the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Interviews and bonus exercises that highlight the struggles and solutions of other amazing overachievers, including professional athletes and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs. Tease out and apply the lessons from these inspiring stories – and realize you are not alone.


Examining your expectations for success and unveiling guiding values

You might be surprised to discover what you assume and expect when it comes to success, but this is where our journey together begins. What’s even more surprising is that some of these ‘beliefs’ may be just what’s holding you back from finding your own path to success. In the first exercise you’ll explore the origins of your assumptions and expectations, learn to challenge those assumptions and even find insight from what ‘failure’ means to you.

In the next exercise we’ll unveil step-by-step the core values that tell you what you really want from life. Most people think they know their core values, but most have no idea how to put them to use. You’ll avoid making this mistake.

Case Study

If there was another path more aligned to your values than the one you’re on now, and you could pursue success in that direction with all your heart, wouldn’t you be curious to see how far you could go?

Bo Eason is a former NFL football player who was forced to retire due to extensive knee damage. Getting back to basics, he questioned his values and the path he wanted to follow. The result? Applying his talents and drive, his wrote and performed his first play on Broadway, now being made into a major motion picture.

What you get in this module:

  • Exercise 1 – Defeating limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • Exercise 2 – Identifying and using core values to create a clearer picture of success
  • Exercise guidance – See how others answered these exercises as well as my evaluation or suggestions based on those examples
  • Interview with Bo Eason (MP3 and transcript)
  • Bonus exercise – Unpacking success: questions for thinking more deeply about Bo’s story
  • Coaching videos to help you identify, define and refine your core values.


Use pride, motivation and fear to ignite the fire you need

Do you really know what pushes you to succeed? Do you know what events, triggers and moments in your life put you in the zone? That place where you feel unstoppable? Where you have the energy, focus and confidence to make things happen?

You might think that your motivations are paying the bills, getting recognition or making your loved ones proud, but chances are there other subtle, unknown powerful motivations that make you do what you do so well.

In this module, I take you on a journey into your past and show you how to uncover the real motivations and moments of pride that can tell you more about the success you desire deep down than anything else.

You’ll also spend time exploring your fears and instead of being trapped by them, use them to highlight what you feel is missing in your life, what it is that you really need to find peace-of-mind.

Case Study

Heather Czechowski was an aeronautical engineer who took many twists and turns to find the path to fulfillment. Throughout her life she became more aware about what made her happy: challenges, variety and giving back. Her journey led her through many different jobs, from being a missile control officer, to earning an MBA, and working in the aviation industry. Ultimately, she discovered that her meaningful success required overcoming of her biggest fear.

What you get in this module:

  • Exercise 3: Finding your source of self-pride
  • Exercise 4: Motivation and a meaningful life
  • Exercise guidance: See how others answered these exercises as well as my evaluation or suggestions based on those examples
  • Interview with Heather Czechowski (MP3 and transcript)
  • Bonus exercise: Fear, fulfillment and your life calling – questions for thinking more deeply about Heather’s story
  • Coaching videos to help you uncover your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and understand what your sources of self-pride are really telling you.


Connecting the dots to create a life you love

Now that you understand your values, your motivation and what really makes you proud, I help you take all the evidence and data you’ve gathered in the previous modules and look for underlying themes and patterns to write your definition of success.

You’ll see more clearly what you absolutely need to feel satisfied, and which elements are more flexible. Knowing this helps you interpret opportunities better. You can see where you are now and what changes you need to make to find success that is rewarding and meaningful.

Case Study

The case study we’ll look at in this module is that of Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger Media that went from a one-man show to a software company with more than 115,000 unique customers, all built by publishing useful content.

Brian wasn’t always a marketing expert, in fact he used to be a lawyer. After a near-death experience, Brian shares how he woke up and realized he was definitely on the wrong path for the success he needed to make him feel fulfilled.

What you get in this module:

  • Exercise 5: Connecting the dots and writing your definition of success
  • Exercise Guidance: See how others answered these exercises as well as my evaluation or suggestions based on those examples
  • Interview with Brian Clark (MP3 and transcript)
  • Bonus exercise: When to persist and when to give up – questions for thinking more deeply about Brian’s story
  • Coaching videos to help you refine and test your definition of success


Success without stress

To define success for yourself is transformative. Many of my clients say it is the most important self-improvement work they’ve ever done. But I want to help take you one step further. I want to show you how to develop a system to maintain your meaningful success in a culture that constantly lures you back to overachieving.

Case Study

In this module you’ll be introduced to Sky Christopherson, an Olympic athlete who later became a tech start-up CEO and documentary filmmaker.

By believing success had to come at all costs, he nearly killed himself – literally. In this interview he talks about how he channeled his overachiever tendencies to regain his health and find a much more balanced view of success.

What you get in this module:

  • Exercise 6: Success metrics and experiments
  • Exercise Guidance: See how others answered these exercises as well as my evaluation or suggestions based on those examples
  • Interview with Sky Christopherson (MP3 and transcript)
  • Bonus exercise: Crafting your personal success plan – questions to think more deeply about Sky’s interview

What makes this course so different

I’m a Ph.D. scientist and lover of logic.

I’ve grown up chasing traditional methods of success. I’m not about to stop achieving any time soon and I won’t ask you to! But I do know first-hand the pitfalls of chasing a dream that isn’t yours. It hurts. I want to help you avoid that hurt.

As a scientist, there are no unicorns and rainbows here, no new-age law of attraction memes. I take success seriously and know it requires structured thinking and a roadmap to make it happen. I’ll give you a framework for making decisions and show you exactly how to take your theoretical answers, turn them into real world decisions and test and refine those answers over time.

I coach you HOW to answer the questions.

One of the big differences to most online courses is that instead of just giving you the exercises to complete, I provide extensive material on HOW to answer the questions. You don’t have to get to the end of the course to know if you’re on the right track.

See how others approached the materials.

In previous groups I’ve asked participants to contribute their answers to the exercises so that other members can find inspiration and insight. This is much better than just working through it on your own as there is the echo of community members from before you and you can see how they’ve carved out their own definitions for success.

Feel successful from the inside out.

Do you find it exhausting being you? Are you tired of feeling like success is always one more accomplishment away? Would you like to have your success and enjoy it too? Real success makes you feel energized, excited, competent, and confident. If you’re not feeling that way, you just haven’t found your success yet.

As a scientist, there are no unicorns and rainbows here, no new-age law of attraction memes. I take success seriously and know it requires structured thinking and a roadmap to make it happen. When you work through this course, not only will you know what success looks like to you, you’ll have a plan for realizing it in the real world.

It’s time to take control and create the life you’ve always wanted.
It’s not impossible, but you do have to decide to make it happen.

Because all of that hard work can add up to something meaningful.

You deserve to feel successful, from the inside out.

Going through this course has allowed me to separate my self-worth from my job, my debt, my house, and all the other things that, while important, aren’t me.

It’s been amazing to work through Design Success for Yourself as I go through a period of tough personal transition. I’d gotten to a point where I felt like everything I did was marking me as a ‘failure,’ even decisions that I truly felt in my gut were the right ones. Identifying my real values and creating a way to measure myself – tangibly – against those instead of against a weird collection of stuff that doesn’t matter has been transformational!


Writer & Editor

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