The Luminaries Club

The Luminaries Club

The Luminaries Club

An exclusive mastermind for overachievers who want to change the world and still succeed at life

Overachievers know how to succeed. They know how to make the grade, get the job done, and impress the pants off of everyone around them.

What they often struggle with is creating a life that feels as successful as it looks.

I too am an overachiever. I know all about the addiction that results when you constantly chase traditional success. I know firsthand the trouble that comes from having epic standards for achievement. And as crazy as it sounds, I know the burden of feeling like you’re the only one who can do it all.

Over the last four years, I’ve dedicated myself to learning how to channel that irrepressible ambition into creating a life that moves you. I’m not about to stop achieving any time soon and I won’t ask you to. But if you’re going to work your butt off and put your talents to use, shouldn’t you at least get the life you actually want in return? I say absolutely–and I can show you how.

But it takes more than just facts. Clearly, knowing what you want isn’t enough, or you would have done it by now.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African proverb.

What you need is a group of similarly intelligent, talented people to push you forward and gently hold you accountable. You need a group that’s as driven to find fulfillment as they are by their careers. You need people who can effectively challenge you to take a little risk and go for the really big prize: a life you freaking love.

The group offers a combination of brainstorming, peer accountability, and support to help you achieve your version of success, whatever that may be. Members help each other to set focused goals and accomplish them. They serve as catalysts for each other’s growth, devil’s advocates, and supportive friends who offer the kind of smart advice you’d naturally seek out.

The Luminaries Club is your personal think tank for when you want to go far, even when you feel like you’re going it alone.

To find out what’s involved check out how it works and other people’s stories

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Network with 25 of the boldest, brightest minds

One of the biggest misconceptions about overachievers is the idea they don’t need any help.

It’s true, overachievers are smart, talented, and accomplished. They know how to do a lot of things and are willing to teach themselves just about everything else. But with big goals and a lot of opportunities, your time and energy often get diffused. You get lured by “amazing offers” you never intended to commit to. You are spread thinner and thinner. You become more stressed, more tired, and ultimately, less clear on exactly how and where to make your best contribution.

In my experience, the more intelligent and ambitious you are, the more likely you are to get stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of busy, without ever quite realizing the life and career you envisioned. True success always feels like a faraway place.

“Without the sense of fellowship with men of like mind, of preoccupation with the objective, the eternally unattainable in the field of art and scientific research, life would have seemed to me empty.” –Albert Einstein

The Luminaries Club can help you break that cycle in two ways. First, we help you get clarity on your most important priorities. Second, we help you see that the journey is just as important as the outcome.

There’s a level of camaraderie that happens when you do hard things together that transcends the ego’s need to achieve.

When you join The Luminaries Club, here’s what you get:

  • Direct coaching help from me and the rest of the group during our monthly call
  • Access to our private Facebook group, where you can seek advice and encouragement from a generous and intelligent community 24/7
  • Hotline email access to me in between calls when you’re stuck or need help making a big decision
  • Ideas, connections, opportunities–I’m constantly scanning for what you need and might be missing
  • The ONLY community designed specifically for overachievers–a place to tap the wisdom and empathy of others who want to stop paying such a high price for success

As an introvert, I love small groups. The kind where everyone knows your name and where being generous doesn’t feel overwhelming. Plus, overachievers are a busy bunch.

That’s why The Luminaries Club is capped at just 25 members.

As a coach, this means I get to know your problems, your constraints, your hopes and your dreams intimately. A small community also means you can get huge benefits of being part of an elite group while only investing a few hours a month.

More importantly, it means you have a safe (and private) place where you can take off the mask of perfectionism and connect with people just like you. After all, it’s hard to solve a problem if you can’t talk about it.

How might your life be different?

Because everyone has a different vision of success, each of our members comes with a different outcome they’d like to achieve. We’ve helped members change careers, become better parents, build a business, cure their workaholism, and pursue their artistic dreams. Here are just a couple of the problems we’ve cracked:

The side hustle that turned into a million dollar venture

One member was a software developer for a major corporation. He was an ideas man, but his suggestions weren’t being received by his company. He wanted to start his own business but as the major income earner for his family he couldn’t risk everything by walking out… so here’s what we discussed and how we solved his problem:

  • He went to a local entrepreneur’s group and entered a contest to get funding. He didn’t win but impressed the network he wanted to move into.
  • He developed 5 business ideas, got my input, then tested them simultaneously
  • After one month, we helped him narrow down the list to 2 options
  • The next time he went for funding he got it for both ideas: $50,000 and $1.3 million!

It took a year end-to-end, but without the stress of quitting his job overnight:

“If you had told me a year ago I’d quit my job and get that much money in funding for my business, I’d never have believed you.”

A more fulfilling career without the risk of quitting a job

Patrick worked at a government job that had a lot of benefits, but he’d been toying with the idea of quitting and moving into motivational speaking. Without any experience in this field it was a risky move, so we designed some ways for him to test this career without quitting his job. The easiest idea we brainstormed was to do something at his current job, so he gathered some of the managers and gave a talk on best practices. It was such a hit they made it an official part of his job description and 30% of his time is now internal training and development. For now, this is a thrill for him, but in the future, if he wants to do it full time? He’ll have experience.

These are by no means unique

Some members aren’t looking for a major life change, they just want more freedom and flexibility. The group brainstormed with them ways to negotiate part-time work at their place of employment, while still having enough to pay the bills. For many of them, this change itself was enough. They just needed a break a couple days a week to do something of their own creation.

An exclusive online community dedicated to your vision of success

The fastest way to transform your life is to change the group of people you’re listening to.

You need to get away from the people who drive you to burnout by only encouraging you to do more and do it bigger. But you also need people who go beyond the standard time management advice. An exceptional life demands exceptional advice–and we’ve got that in spades.

This is an incredibly exclusive group–it’s capped at 25 members and we’re only opening up a small numbers of seats to new members. If you’re ready forge your own path and reclaim your passion for life, you need to join us TODAY.

Join today and dare to shine

When you sign up for either our 3-month or 6-month membership plans, you’ll get immediate access to the private Facebook community, where you can start connecting with other Luminaries right away. You’ll also receive an invitation to join our next monthly call and are guaranteed to get to talk to Jen if you wish to do so. Can’t make that month’s session? Submit a question in advance and listen to the recording later. In addition, you’ll have access to Jen via email for those in-between call emergencies when it just can’t wait.

We don’t ask for a lot of your time–the typical commitment is just a few hours a month. But we do ask for your commitment. Great work often requires courage and creativity that’s hard to find all on your own. We’re looking for people of action who are ready to make a difference in their own lives and serve as a beacon of inspiration for others. Sound like you? Join us.

Participation in The Luminaries Club is currently by application only. If you’d like to learn more about the program and see if you’d be a good fit, contact me here for a complimentary coaching session.